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Overcoming Low Self-Worth & Limiting Beliefs

Join me for a free workshop on overcoming low self-worth and limiting beliefs. In this workshop, we'll uncover:

  • What's keeping you stuck in life
  • Why you procrastinate and struggle to get things done
  • What feelings of low self-worth are and where they stem from
  • Why the fear of failure not only impacts your life but your relationships in a negative way (and what to do to overcome this)
  • My 3 secret process to lasting transformational change and removing limiting beliefs from your life

November 30, 2023
6:00pm Eastern Time

Remove Fears

Why do you feel stuck in life? What's keeping you from living out the life you love? Uncover limiting beliefs and fears while diving deep to understand why they keep showing up in your life and how to break free.

Love Yourself

You don't need to be more beautiful, more fit, or to lose weight to love yourself. You are whole and uniquely you just the way you are. Understand why you self-sabotage yourself and overcome feelings of unworthiness by finding out the root cause. Start loving yourself where you are today.

Chloe Panta

Chloe Panta is a highly sought-after mindset expert, transformational coach and debut author of the self-development book, Untapped Magic. She has transformed the lives of countless people who have gone on to live their most limitless lives.

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